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County PartnerContractsvalue Objective Themaitc areas Village targetProject period Project Status
TurkanaCBM GlobalTurkana Inclusive Livelihood and Resilience ProgramKES 114,000,000To restore and rebuild the capacity of drought-affected communities, persons with disabilities and households at high risk of food insecurity.LivelihoodsT. Central - Kalokol and Kangatosa Wards2024-2027Ongoing
TurkanaMercyCorpsResilient Systems- NAWIRIKES 15,770,672Sustainably reduce acute malnutrition in Kenyan ASALsPeace/NRMT. South2024 - 2026Ongoing
TurkanaDRCInclusive Refugees Response IRRKES 134,000,000To promote diversified livelihoodAnimal Health/TVETT.West2024-2026Ongoing
TurkanaAmrefImarisha JamiiKES 17,318,330To improve quality of human health(key populations and fisherfolks)Human HealthT. South, T. Central and T. West2021-2025Ongoing
TurkanaSaferworldIntegrated Management of Natural Resources for Resilience in the ASAL (IMARA) Program$ 118670Strengthened governance systems and structures for conflict sensitive and sustainable NRM and climate change adaptation at community, county and national levelsGovernance/NRMLobokat,Katilu and Kaptir2022-2025Ongoing
TurkanaInternational AlertWater Peace and Security (WPS)$ 135,615 To prevent water related conflict NRM, Kibish,2022-2024Ongoing
TurkanaWetlands InternationalSource to Sea East Africa Initiative$ 275,000Promotion of Eco-base livelihoods and restoration of degraded rangelandsNRM/Climate ChangeKangatosa,Kapua,Todonyang and Kanukurmeri2022-2024Ongoing
TurkanaIRCIntegrated emergency drought response$ 350,000To address the emergency response through the provision of MPCA and supplementary animals feedsAnimal Health/Emergency ResponseLoima, T.West and T.South2023-2024Ongoing
TurkanaOxfamIntegrated Drought Response in Turkana-Kenya 521,806MPCAEmergency Response/WASHTurkana North2023-2024Ongoing
TurkanaOxfamKenya drought Response Turkana county327006.58Unconditional cash assistanceEmergency ResponseOngoing
TurkanaJICAGender transformation Vege-Lunch ProgramKES 4,804,320To empower women and imrove nutrition status of the community. Food security/Livelihoods /Nutrition. T/South, T/Central, Loima sub-counties2023-2024Ongoing
TurkanaVSF- GermanyOmo Delta Project - ODPEuro 600,000Expanding Rangelands to achieve growth and transformations.LivelihoodsT. North and T. Central2018-2022Completed
TurkanaVSF- GermanyIntegrated Live saving and DRR InitiativesEuro 145,037Prevention of GBV and promoting nutrition of vulnerable households through Eco-based initiativesNRM/Climate ChangeLowaregak,Todonyang and Lokitoenyala2021-2023Completed
TurkanaMercyCorpsSustainable conflict management in the arid lands Ecosystem ( SCALE),$ 113,821Strengthened governance systems and structures for conflict sensitive and sustainable NRM Peace/Governance
T.East and Samburu North2020-2021Completed
TurkanaDRCKESSUGET/ICSPEuros 262,000Strengthening civil societies on land governancePeace/Governance
T. North and T. Central2020 - 2022Completed