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Climate change is a devastating force, leading to a hungrier and more vulnerable world. It destabilizes economies, fuels resource-based conflict, cripples land productivity, and weakens social structures. At TUPADO, we work with the pastoral communities who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, to find a sustainable way forward together.

The most vulnerable pastoral groups in the county are disproportionately exposed to extreme weather events, more reliant on natural resources, and least able to cope with, and adapt to, negative environmental impacts. 

When pastoralists suffer from cyclical drought seasons, communities face devastating floods year after year, or entrepreneurs don’t access opportunities for growing entrepreneurial skills, economic empowerment opportunities, more complex crises arise including loss of livelihoods, land degradation, destruction of property, displacement of people, etc., hence creating imbalance in the biomass.

Addressing the underlying challenges of climate change, water security, and natural resource management is critical to supporting people in this Arid and Semi-Arid Land to adapt their lives to new risks, alternative means of livelihoods, while transforming communities over time. That’s why we focus on climate solutions that deliver practical, meaningful change at the local level, then mobilize resources through partnerships and identify opportunities for scaling and replication in the neighbouring borderlands of Kenya and her East Africa neighbours.