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TUPADO has adopted multi-stakeholders approach aimed at organizing strategic stakeholders and partners’ meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture Pastoral Economy and Fisheries (MAPEF), County Livestock Marketing Council (CLMC), representatives from the various Livestock Marketing Associations (LMAs) in Turkana County  and other stakeholders in the Livestock sector with the key agenda being to develop appropriate behavior change communication (BCC) messages targeting all the actors in the livestock marketing value chain to address constraints and trade practices that have made the business unattractive to women, youth and local communities. The information generated is translated by TUPADO into local language and usually disseminated through local radio stations mostly listened in the County into the local. At community level, beneficiaries are usually mobilized and sensitized to attend community weekly and monthly campaigns tailored to achieve behavior change communication on commercial destocking and restocking. Through strategic partnership with VSF-Germany and Mercy Corps Kenya, TUPADO has facilitated several livestock market trainings aimed at helping farmers get the most benefits from the sale of their livestock; and construction of livestock marketing infrastructures i.e. slaughter slabs. 

This is done to reduce influence of middlemen that are extorting market prices. The program also focuses on community sensitization on livestock markets; and empowerment of livestock marketing associations thro trainings; training communities on Village Community Banking (VICOBA) concept and initiating and supporting such groups through provision of revolving funds/ Grants, Poultry production, Livestock products value addition and gardening through rain water harvesting and solar systems.

The organization also focuses on community empowerment methods such as the PFS (Pastoral Field Schools, VICOBA, ABCD (Assets based community development), Do No Harm approaches, Participatory community development approaches and trainings on Community managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) techniques and community Contingency planning, Business and entrepreneur development. TUPADO endeavors to create sustainable and long-term impact on community vulnerable groups such as women and by empowering them on basic entrepreneurial skills i.e. writing proposal, book keeping, principles of group savings and loans and after the training, grants are offered to organized groups that have progressively shown adaptive management from the learning. The grants are offered via Kenya Commercial Bank for close monitoring, coaching and mentorship for successful groups. This effort has been achieved through the funding of European Union Trust Fund-EUTF.

On Livelihoods the program also focuses on the four phases of emergency management which includes mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery through a series of cash transfer interventions, commercial destocking and restocking, supporting household to practice climate smart agriculture, conducting mentorship and trainings of community on modern methods of alternative livelihoods such as bee keeping, aloe propagation, production of gum Arabica, rangeland management, etc.