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The organization approaches governance by placing citizen role at the center of the development processes at both county and national constitutional functional areas. This is done to enhance civic understanding of pastoralists on relevant articles of the constitution, acts, regulations and policies that give citizens democratic right to influence decision-making processes. We bank on the people’s sovereign power provided for by Article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 that states “all Sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and is exercised directly or indirectly through democratically elected representatives”.  TUPADO therefore have programs around Civic Education, ensuring inclusive participation and constructive engagement between the duty bearers and rights holders and ensuring effective and efficient service delivery in areas of Economic, Social, Ecological/Environmental, Cultural, and Civic/Political Rights as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 and the subsequent legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks.    

The overarching goal is to ensure the constitutional functional benefits at both national and county levels of government as per the objects of devolution have reached to the poor pastoralists. We are currently implementing land and natural resource governance KESSUGET Project with the motto, Our Land, Our Wealth and Heritage entitled Enabling Peace through strengthening of Civil Society Organisations in Turkana – Kenya.  It is an advocacy project aimed at supporting Land and Natural Resources actors in Turkana County, Kenya to prevent, manage and resolve land related conflicts through community-centered and sustainable approaches.  The Turkana Pastoralist communities targeted through advocacy planning workshops have prioritized land registration in order to own their land as a factor of production given the land is the hot cake and that the pastoral use of land is threatened by competing private and public land use interests due to the recent discovery of commercially viable oil and gas, ground water and other strategic valuable minerals.  Other projects done are voter education among others.